High Visibility Bucket Hats


·                 Made from 100% Polyester for easy wash and wear

·                 Designed with adjustable toggle to suit a range of ages

·                 High Visibility colours for easy identification    

·                 Embroidered logo

·                 great colours to choose from:  

o  Bubblegum Blue

o   Sunshine Yellow

o   Lime Green

o   Pretty Purple

o   Mango Orange

o   Raspberry Pink


adjustable toggle on the back of hat

Where did the puppy come from?  Kate’s Place has been caring for children for over 20 years and in this time we have had 3 logos.  This puppy was on the second logo.  We wanted to make the hats fun for children as well as functional.  The puppy doesn’t have a name, perhaps the children will give him one.           

We are sure your children will enjoy wearing these colourful and fun hats. 
If you would like to purchase them please see the centre Director.