About Kate's Place

Kate's Place Early Education and Child Care Centres are privately and locally owned by Noel and Linda Davies, who are dedicated to providing a high-quality service to the community. The first centre (Newtown) opened in 1993 and was named after their youngest daughter, Kate.

Our Staff

Our centres are staffed by a professional, dedicated and caring team with a wide range of qualifications and experience. They have been employed because of their academic qualifications, experience and special skills and because of their passion for teaching and their genuine fondness for and commitment to providing quality care for the children. This is important to young children who need to know they are with someone who truly enjoys their company.

We recognise the importance of strong, long-term relationships between our carers, parents and children and we aim to recruit carers that really enjoy what they do and intend to have a career in child care.

We provide our team with ongoing professional development opportunities. All our staff members are encouraged to attend in-service training and other courses relating to child care to further develop their knowledge and skills in caring for children.  Regular staff meetings are also held to discuss the children's progress, program development, policies, upcoming events, activities, etc.