Our Philosophy

Our services are special places where children can play and learn in a safe, happy and healthy environment, and where each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are recognised and planned for. At Kate’s Place we feel each child is unique and we strive to enable each child to reach his/her full potential while fostering positive relationships.  

We welcome all children, from all cultures to experience through play the “joys of childhood”.  We welcome children with special needs to the extent that their needs can be provided for within the scope of the childcare setting. 

At Kate’s Place we are committed to working in partnership with families. Through family collaboration and intentional teaching we aim to promote mutual growth and understanding in ways that benefit the child.  We understand that each family is unique and respect and actively expose children to the significance of different cultures, customs, languages and beliefs. 

At Kate’s place we provide an emergent curriculum that facilitates learning in all the learning outcomes outlined in the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’. The curriculum fosters the concept of learning through play and develops self-esteem, independence, perseverance and self-expression.  Children are encouraged to gain confidence and involvement in learning, build positive dispositions as well as be imaginative, creative and spontaneous. We encourage each child to engage in an active lifestyle and to become an effective communicator and actively engage with language, literacy, numeracy, problem solving, tools and technologies and facilitate learning and development. 

We encourage children to explore and investigate and sustain their environment both natural and built and to gain an understanding of the community in which they live.

Our educators are early childhood professionals with all relevant qualifications or working towards their qualifications.  Our educators are committed, warm and friendly people who create a fun atmosphere to promote holistic learning.

Educators are proactive in the area of professional development and regularly attend seminars and workshops on a variety of child related topics.