What are we doing to protect our Kate’s Place Community?

We are all in this together!

Kate’s Place Action Plan

Arrival and departure
  • A child must not attend care with a temperature higher than 38 degrees.
  • Families must not give their child/ren any fever reducing medication prior to drop off (paracetamol or ibuprofen).
  • Unwell children will be refused access and the parent will be told to take the child home.
  • The child will only be accepted upon a subsequent day if:
    • Their temperature has dropped to 37.5 degrees or lower for at least 24 hours;
    • They are not displaying any of the following signs or symptoms:
      • has trouble breathing
      • becomes drowsy or unresponsive
      • unexplained or persistent cough
      • seems dehydrated, refuses to drink or is weeing less often
      • complains of a stiff neck, persistent headache or light hurting their eyes
      • vomits persistently, or has frequent bouts of diarrhea
      • suffers pain or is continuously crying
      • is causing the educator or parent to worry for any other reason.
  • Staff will use a non-contact thermometer to test each child’s temperature on arrival each day. A family can choose to bring their own thermometer if preferred.
  • If a child has a temperature over 38 degrees the greeting staff must discuss with the family whether the child has been well overnight and look for signs and symptoms that indicate they are not well. Children who are unsettled or who have been active will have higher temperatures, this does not mean they are unwell. The Responsible Person may refuse care for the day based on their assessment.
  • Parents are not to enter the children’s rooms – this is to minimise contact with other children, staff, surfaces and equipment.
  • Families who require long conversations regarding their child’s care and education should be contacted by phone, email or video to ensure there is continuation of care for the child.
  • Only one family member should attend the centre at a time unless a family is dropping off multiple children and requires additional assistance.
  • Complete the drop off/pick up process in the foyer.   There must be 2 metres between each family.
  • Educators must use hand sanitiser between greeting each family.
  • Common areas in the Centre must be cleaned frequently using detergent. 
  • Sign-in/out devices should be wiped every 30 minutes.
  • Every toy and surface must be cleaned once per day. Toys that have been mouthed by a child must be cleaned before being used by another child.
  • Bedding belonging to an unwell child must be washed immediately after the child leaves.
Personal protection – cleaning & hygiene supplies

The Director is to ensure the following essential supplies are maintained. 

  • Soap
  • Disposable gloves
  • Thermometer – there is 1 non-contact thermometer in the centre (We are unable to obtain more).  Contact thermometers are to be sanitised before and after each use.
  • Cleaning detergent and disinfectant
  • Cleaning mops and buckets
  • Essential hygiene products including:
    • Toilet paper
    • Nappies
    • Paper hand towel
    • Tissues
Workplace precautions

Educators and parents both share responsibility for ensuring that infections are not brought into the centre, to protect both children and co-workers.

  • Staff who travel on public transport must bring their work clothes and shoes in their bag to change into when they arrive at the centre.
  • All staff must use the sanitiser in the foyer or wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds upon arrival and departure from the centre.
  • Staff must wash their work clothes prior to wearing them again at the Centre
  • Staff should shower before arriving at the centre and when they return home each day.
  • Staff must not work if they are sick and should not come to work if their temperature is above 38 degrees.
  • Staff will be sent home if the Director suspects that they may be unwell.
  • Families who work as frontline health workers are requested to wear a change of clothes when collecting their child after completing their shift.
  • Families will apply hand sanitiser on arrival at the centre and prior to and after using the sign in/out device.
  • Staff and families must adhere to the rules of social distancing and other current health recommendations in their daily lives outside the centre so as to minimise risks in the centre.
  • Self-service of food by children is no longer allowed. Educators must now serve all meals to children.
  • Cease children washing their own utensils - return everything to the kitchen.
  • Educators are to gently encourage separation amongst children and keep play and programs outside as much as possible to ensure children and staff aren’t staying together in large groups or enclosed places.
  • Increase supervision of handwashing – are children using the procedure effectively.
  • No excursions or incursions.
  • Staff are encouraged to get the annual flu vaccine.  Kate’s Place refunds up to $20 on receipt of an invoice.
  • Suppliers leave supplies at front door only.

We are committed to ensuring there will be sufficient staff in place to ensure the safety of children and staff is met. Measures we have in place to address staffing include:

  • Additional staff must be rostered for cleaning where it cannot be achieved during rest time.
  • Limit the cross-over of rooms in shared environments for example bathrooms, lunch areas, playgrounds, common centre areas to limit the risk of cross infection within the centre.
  • Fresh air and adequate ventilation are encouraged in the indoor environment, with open windows preferred to the use of air-conditioning where building design and weather permits.
  • Monitor family grouping.  Don’t group early.  Minimise the number of children from different rooms coming together as a group.

It is important in this current crisis, that every staff member pays specific attention to their personal health and hygiene. Ensure that:

  • Staff and children wash their hands at the following times:
    • On arrival and departure from the Centre
    • Before and after consuming food or drink
    • After playing with toys or playing outside
    • When hands are visibly dirty
    • After going to the toilet
    • Before preparation of food or handling of bottles
    • After wiping/blowing your nose or sneezing
    • After patting an animal
    • Before and after giving medication
    • After removing gloves.
  • Gloves must be worn for the following activities:
    • helping a child go to the toilet
    • changing a nappy
    • cleaning children’s faces
    • handling rubbish or carrying rubbish bags
    • using spray bottles with chemicals
    • wiping a child’s nose
    • after cleaning up or touching sores, faeces, a wound, blood, vomit or other bodily fluids.
Exclusions and infection
  • The following people will be excluded from entering a centre:
  • Any staff who has a temperature over 37.5 degrees or a child who has a temperature over 38 degrees.
  • Any staff or child who indicates any breathing difficulty for example, wheezing, gasping for air (except for those who may have known and documented respiratory conditions).
  • Any staff or child who has been outside of Australia within the last 14 days.
  • Any staff member, child or family who has returned to Qld from other Australian states when self-isolation is mandated.
  • Any staff or child who has been in contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Risk minimisation strategies must be implemented for staff who are defined as vulnerable or have care responsibilities for a vulnerable person. Vulnerable is defined as:
  • Suffering from a chronic medical condition
  • Suffering from a chronic autoimmune condition
  • Aged 70 years or older
  • High risk pregnancy
  • The following rules apply if a child or staff member who is currently attending the centre (defined as a person who has attended the centre in the last 14 days), has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19.  The case must be confirmed by the state or territory health authority before action is taken and when directed:
  • All parents and staff must be informed immediately.
  • The centre must be closed immediately while contact tracing is completed.
  • All relevant departments and regulatory bodies must be notified.
  • Cleaning must be completed in line with the Public Health authority instruction.  This may include commercial cleaners.  (At present we do not know what this entails).
  • Centres must comply and follow the advice of Public Health Department. This advice overrides all other regulatory bodies.

If a staff member is concerned that their centre is not complying with these guidelines, then we want to know about it.   We are all in this together. We want everyone to feel safe.

If you have concerns discuss this with your Director. If the issues cannot be resolved immediately, then we encourage either or both of you to contact Linda Davies 0408 559 801

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