Our Educational Programs

At Kate's Place we have a family and child initiated approach to our children's programs where the children learn through play.  The curriculum builds on the unique strengths, interests, needs, cultures and experiences of each individual child.  We offer an emergent curriculum so it is flexible and is adapted to meet the individual and group interests, talents and abilities of the children on a daily basis.  Children are observed and educators use intentional teaching strategies to further the children's learning in the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.  

The children are able to choose from a range of experiences, allowing them to decide what they want to do, how to do it and for how long.  Materials and experiences that are provided are mostly open-ended, enabling children to develop creativity and problem solving skills and to construct their own knowledge.  These are experiences that focus on the process rather than the product.  Throughout each day in our rooms we offer the children creative arts experiences, block play, physical activities, music, movement, language and literacy.

Teachers express general goals, make appropriate preparations to provide a stimulating and involving environment and allow the activities and play to emerge as directed by the children.  Adults structure the environment to encourage verbal interactions amongst children, then join in and extend children's play where appropriate.

The educators write up a learning story in an individual journal which is available for parents to read.  Parents can contribute to their child's learning by writing in their child's journal, on the daily learning program and through conversations with our educators.