From 6 Weeks to 5 Years 

We have been providing Toowoomba with exceptional kindergarten and child care education services since 1993.
We are a small local family owned business managed by Kate, who with her siblings Justin and Anthony purchased the service from their parents (Noel & Linda Davies ) in 2018.
Noel & Linda opened their first service in 1993 and named it after Kate, their youngest daughter.  Noel and Linda retired in 2020, and our service Kate's Place, Middle Ridge is now the only Kate's Place Centre. 

Our centre is full of professional, dedicated and caring educators with a wide range of child care qualifications and experience. We not only pick our staff based on their qualifications, experience and skills but also because of their passion for teaching and their genuine fondness and commitment to providing quality care for children. This is important to young children who need to know they are with someone who truly enjoys their company.

We recognise the importance of strong, long-term relationships between us, parents and children. We aim to recruit people that really enjoy what they do and intend to have a career in child care, which is why some of our team members have been with us for more than 15 years.

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Kate's Place Request A Tour

Kate's Place Request A Tour


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