We tailor our early learning curriculum

Ensuring it is age appropriate to effectively take advantage of all the development stages & achieve outstanding learning outcomes. 
We have individual age groups all with unique names and learning milestones.
Each age group has strategically-selected toys and activities dependent on how individual ages take in information. This allows our educators to achieve the best educational results for specific development stages.

Bilby Babies (6 weeks to 14 months)

Relationships are central to everything we do and we do our best to form mutually respectful relationships with babies and their families and are understanding of the common anxieties associated with leaving your baby in care.

Our babies room is thoughtfully designed with homely elements and textural delights to support sensory development.

The space utilises various levels to challenge and extend all stages of physical development from wriggling to crawling and walking.

We know how important routine and predictability is to building a sense of trust in relationships. We are accommodating to the routines that are as unique as the children they belong to. We aim to reflect the routine you have instilled at home to keep babies healthy and happy.

Joeys (14 mths to 2 yrs) Platypus (18 mths to 3 yrs)

Toddlers are amazing. One minute they’re a baby in your arms, the next they are a walking (running!), talking & decision making on their own. 
We support the wonderful curiosity and enthusiasm of these active learners.

Our educators have designed a meaningful program that embeds practical uses of pro-social behaviours like empathy, sharing, and emotional regulation.

Your toddler will enjoy an active indoor/outdoor curriculum where they can engage with nature and participate in a range of creative, educational and sensory experiences.

Engagement with art, reading and music being part of our daily routine. We feel creativity is an excellent outlet for self-expression for young minds whose vocabulary is still developing.

We understand toddlerhood is a time for self-discovery and the development of self-help skills. We consider all children to be competent and capable learners and make time in our routine as they learn this for themselves too.

Koalas (2.5 to 3.5 yrs) Possums (3 to 5 yrs)

We understand the important role early education has establishing a lifelong love of learning.

Within our Pre Kindy & Kindergarten rooms, we ensure that children have a program that is developmental, age and interest appropriate. Children are supported to develop fundamental physical, social and emotional skills to help them to flourish later in life.

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