We provide everything your child will need

Including nutritious meals, a nurturing environment & government approved early education curriculum. All you need to take care of is enrolling!
Choosing the right Care & Education for your little ones can be a tough choice, we understand that you want the very best care for your child and we know the important role that early education plays in developing vital life long learning skills.

Here at Kate's Place, our curriculum builds on the unique strengths, interests, needs, cultures and experiences of each individual child. We believe in education through play which helps children develop important skills for future learning. We keep things simple for families by suppling as much as possible including daily nutritious meals prepared in our kitchen onsite.


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Still want to know more about what sets Kate's Place apart from the rest?

Learn about our 18 steps to providing industry best Early Education and Child Care Centres in Toowoomba:


Provide a safe, happy and secure environment for children.


Assist children to develop a positive self-image, to respect others, to encourage self-reliance and motivation by learning and to foster the ability to make choices, decisions and solve problems.


Provide an Early Childhood Program from which the curriculum is guided by the 'Early Years Learning Framework'.


Provide a creative play based learning environment which embraces a holistic approach to learning.


Promote learning appropriate materials to each child's development, range of experience and interests so that each child's cultural, physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs are met.


Foster children's ability to understand, use and appreciate literacy and numeracy.


Assist children to develop a range of appropriate social behaviours and understandings.


Foster imaginative and creative thinking and expression and to foster participation in a wide range of music, art, movement, dance and drama experiences appropriate to their age and developmental level.


Foster each child's ability to understand and use a variety of mediums in relation to technology.


Strive to provide the highest standard of health and safety.


Appreciate and support the parent's role as primary caregivers and educators of their children.


Build partnerships with families and build a sense of trust on which to establish a link between home and child care, in order to develop the best programs to meet each child's needs.


Undertake continual evaluation / improvement and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure high-quality standards.


Provide support for parents/carers who are in need of support within the scope of the childcare setting.


For educators to engage in ongoing learning and reflective practice.


Provide ongoing in-service training for staff to gain further knowledge and understanding of child care and encouragement and support of staff undertaking further studies in Early Childhood fields.


Assist all educators to be pedagogical leaders.


Provide resources and materials necessary for the ongoing development of children in the centre.

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Kate's Place Request A Tour

Kate's Place Request A Tour


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