What we provide

Our fees are all inclusive. We supply lunch, morning and afternoon teas, milk and soy milk, sunscreen and tissues, bed linen, face washers and 'wet ones', nursery supplies - nappies, a limited range of formula, bottles, pacifiers and nappy rash cream.

What to bring

At Kate's Place we try to make things as easy as possible for our parents so the following is all you need to provide for your child each day: 

  • A shady hat for outdoor play
  • A spare set of clothes
  • Several sets of clothes including undergarments, if your child is toilet training
  • If your child has special dietary requirements, it may be necessary for you to provide these. Please discuss this with the Director


Kate's Place centres are fully accredited SUNSMART centres. Our policy is NO HAT - NO OUTDOOR PLAY.

Children without a hat are restricted to playing in the shade of the verandahs during outdoor play. Children and staff apply 30+ sunscreen 15 - 20 minutes before outdoor play. Staff are required to wear broad brimmed hats, collars and sleeves and parents are encouraged to dress their children similarly.

Parent Involvement

We have an 'open door' policy for parents at our centres.  Parent involvement is extremely important and we encourage parents and family members to become involved in our daily activities.  By volunteering some of your spare time, you will better understand what we do and how your child spends part of their day.

Parents may become involved by:

  • Visiting the Centre and joining in the program
  • Sharing any special skills hobbies or interests that they may have
  • Reading the notice boards, newsletters and messages in pockets
  • Assisting with excursions
  • Sharing your child's experiences with craft, story-telling, music, etc
  • Viewing the program and discussing the displays, watching your child play in a group or helping with a puzzle
  • Supporting fund raising activities and social events
  • Discussing any problems or concerns with our staff
  • Sharing a SMILE with those in need of one


Our aim is to provide your child with home-made quality meals. Meals include hot meals, salads, cold meats, sandwiches, cheese, fresh fruit, sweet and savoury afternoon teas, milk and water.

Our meals are prepared by our cook in our kitchen and are based on providing delicious and nutritious meals incorporating the 5 major food groups. Children need fresh, nutritional and well-balanced meals. We provide this with a balanced and nutritional diet that aims to meet the average 2-5 year old child's nutritional requirements while in care (half of the daily nutritional requirement). The centre is nut free.

We advocate that meal times are an enjoyable event for the children and we encourage healthy eating attitudes.

Food preparation, serving and handling is managed in accordance with Safe Food Handling Practices and relevant staff have completed the necessary training in food handling/ hygiene and food preparation.

The kitchen is registered with the Toowoomba Regional Council as a food premises, and as such, is audited annually.

Download the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia NHMRC 2003